Private Sector Leasing Scheme

As Accredited Agents for Various London Boroughs, We provide longer term temporary accommodation to homeless clients.

We lease properties from landlords for 3-5 years to use as longer term temporary accommodation. We will pay directly into your bank account and you will receive a guaranteed income even if the property is empty.

Our Inspections Officer will carry out an inspection and help in arranging any works required. Once the property complies with our requirements, we will issue the lease and offer the property to a prospective tenant.

0% Commission

No Management Fees to Pay

0% Commission

Properties wanted in All London Boroughs

Guaranteed Rents

Rent Paid even when property is Empty

Guaranteed Rents

No Voids.Rent Paid even when property is Empty

3-5 Year Contracts

Avada offers incredible elements that allow you to create a beautiful site.

3-5 Year Contracts

Highest Rents Achieved. 3-5 Year Contracts

In House Property Maintenance

Quarterly Property Inspections

In House Property Maintenance

Quarterly inspections Carried out to at all of our properties to ensure that the property still remains at a high standard. Copies of each inspection report can be emailed out to you should you wish.

Highest Rents Achieved

We will achieve the best rent when it comes to leasing your property

Highest Rents Achieved

We will achieve the best rent when it comes to leasing your property,we do not charge you, so it is in our interest to achieve the highest rent for you.

Professional Property Management Service

Helpful, Knowledgeable Staff

Professional Property Management Service

All our staff are friendly and efficient. Always ready to help, they’ll make sure you get the most out of your property with minimum fuss. Discuss your needs with our large team of experienced staff, and we’ll secure the best terms possible when letting your property.

What are the benefits for me as a landlord?

-Guaranteed income Payments via automated bacs system direct to your bank account

-No commission or set up cost

-Highest Rents Achieved

-Flexible lease terms from 3-5 years

-No Voids

-Rent Paid even when property is Empty

-No furniture or white goods required

-Quarterly Property Inspections

-In house Property Maintenance

What are my responsibilities as a landlord?

During the lease period if there are any repairs to be carried out, Landlords  will be responsible for ensuring they are repaired in a timely manner to ensure continued rental payments.

The property must:

-Be clean and in a good condition

-Be safe from hazards

-Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector

-Have a Smoke Alarm/Detector (Lithium Battery life of ten years)

-Have a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate

-Have an NICEIC Electrical Certificate

-Have an Energy Performance Certificate

-Have window restrictors (For 1st floor and upwards)

For further information about the Private Sector Leasing Scheme please call us on 0208 554 8749